Executive Staff

Sonia Magallon, President, Geminus Corporation

Sherman Hayes, Chief Information Officer

Judith Sikora, Chief Financial Officer

Karen Carradine, Ph.D., Vice President, Early Childhood Services

Nicholas Neal, Vice President, Community Services


Board of Directors

Dan Klein, Chairman

Carol Drasga, Vice Chair

Carla Houck, Secretary/Treasurer

Terrence M. Quinn, Director

Linda Jonaitis, Director

Herbie Cruz, Director

Gina Jones, Director

Tom O'Donnell, Director

Lenard Fuller, Director

Dr. Amy Han, Director

Jonathan Peterson, Director

Don Levinson, Director

Madriel Terrell, Director

Danny Lackey, Director 


Geminus supports early childhood education, family services, and prevention programs in Northwest and Northern Indiana. Our network of partners includes community-based health care and social services, welcoming Indiana residents of all ages and income levels with fully integrated, streamlined services.

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