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24-Hour Hotline: 866-641-7181


We listen

No one knows your family as well as you, so our trained counselors listen to everyone in the family to determine where the problems are and the best way to help you deal with them. We also work with you to identify your family’s strengths, so you can become more resilient and build the capacity to cope. We look at ways to expand your social network, so you have a broader base of parenting support and the skills to successfully advocate the needs of your family.


We support

Our purpose is to help your family members help each other. We don’t tell you what to do. Instead, we work with you to help you figure out the best plan for yourself.

Our counselors find agencies, professionals, support groups and assistance programs to help you reach your goals. These programs may include job counseling, parenting classes, and advice on how to make better use of the community services that can keep your family healthy, happy and together.


We find help

As part of our service to you, we help you access programs offered within our community – whether it’s professional counseling, a support group, or childcare. We work with churches, faith-based organizations, and other provider organizations and ensure that these resources are in keeping with your family’s culture as well as its values. And then, we stay with you to make sure that the requirements needed to access these services do not overwhelm your family.


We help you help yourself

Every family can run into difficulty. It is just part of being human. But the wonder of families is that by working together, supporting each other, and loving each other, they can come through difficult times stronger than before. Sometimes though, they need a little help to get started in the right direction. We’re here to help point your family in the right direction.


Program Requirements


Community Trainings

As part of our mission to prevent child abuse and neglect, keep families together, strengthening them, and build healthy communities, Geminus Community Partners also offers training for provider organizations. We assist local communities in developing services based on their needs, resources, and cultures.

Please join us and spread the word on our services. After all, why let problems become big when they can be resolved while they are still small!

Geminus supports early childhood education, family services, and prevention programs in Northwest and Northern Indiana. Our network of partners includes community-based health care and social services, welcoming Indiana residents of all ages and income levels with fully integrated, streamlined services.

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