Promoting Mental Health and Reducing Substance Misuse in Indiana



Geminus Prevention Services aims to reduce alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and other illicit drug use and promote mental health awareness. We educate and train youth, adults, agencies and communities across Indiana. Through community-based coalitions, workshops, programming, and training, we help build safe and healthy communities, and we change the current conditions placing youth at-risk for health and behavioral problems.



To help to ensure effectiveness, we employ evidence-based strategies in the programming we oversee. What are evidence-based strategies? They are strategies that have a clear, theoretical foundation that have been designed and evaluated using scientific methodologies. For validation purposes, findings are subject to a critical review of professional researchers. The strategies used to reduce and/or prevent further use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs must produce the same desired result when duplicated in other settings.



For more information, contact Geminus Prevention Services at 219-757-1800.


Geminus supports early childhood education, family services, and prevention programs in Northwest and Northern Indiana. Our network of partners includes community-based health care and social services, welcoming Indiana residents of all ages and income levels with fully integrated, streamlined services.

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